School of the Soul is the place where you can develop your spirituality, get closer to your soul and find out who you really are – a powerful, intelligent creature that can create the life you want!

I, Nynne Bojsen is the owner and initiator of the school. My desire is to help other people understand and live the great inner potential we humans have. Therefore, I offer lectures, inspirational evenings, courses, soul circles, 1: 1 sessions and a blog with inspiration for you.

We are all different

And we develop differently. Therefore, I offer different options for you and your loved ones. Look at the calendar on Facebook, what happens in your area and see if there is something that appeals to you. If you do not find what you could wish for, contact me. The Universe contains a myriad of possibilities for development. Let us together find what appeals to you.

My background for doing this …

I have been in close connection with the Universe since I was a little girl. I have always talked to animals, beings, people and guides from the other side. I have always seen the deceased and communicate daily with them.
I thought everyone was like me until I realized they weren’t. And when I understood that they thought I was weird with all the dimensions I could see, feel, and hear – yes, I shut them down to fit into the group.
But now the time has come to open it all again 🙂 for being able to communicate with multiple dimensions allows me to help you understand who you are and together we can explore all the potentials you contain.

It must be usable

When I help other people understand who they are and what they can do, then I always rely on a combination of my contact with the Universe and my background as a psychotherapist, family coach, trauma therapist, academician, mother and wife. We are spiritual beings in a physical body yes, but most of us are most of all people with very physical and earthy challenges. Only when we are able to combine tools from the physical world with the spiritual world will the help be useful to us humans.

With Love