Men and women – why so difficult?

The relationship between man and woman

Why did god not give us a detailed manual how to live together? Why is it so difficult – or at least become so difficult to live together sometime – man and woman? Why God make us so different? Or are we that different when it comes to the point?

Let’s talk about man and woman. So different and still so a like. Both is humans. Both like – og need to – eat, digest, sleep, feel love, act, be responsible, be kind. Both have a human body – though it looks different on the outside there are more similarities that difference on the inside.

So why can it sometimes be so difficult to live together. Is it because we are here to learn from each other maybe?

Yes.. now you are beginning to see the point. 😊

Here on earth every human is either male or female. There are some species that are both, both most are either male or female.
God has made us this way so we need each other. We need each other to progress, to multiply.

We need to be a part of this learning process to cocreate with each other – otherwise we will die. Nowadays women can get pregnant without a living man – but that’s just a new thing. In the old days every female needed a man and vice versa to create life.

Gods big plan was to force us to cocreate with each other – besides the difficulties of being different we were forced to cocreate and thereby we learned new lessons in our soul journey.

So next time you’re having trouble with your wife or husband: just see it as a necessary learning process – one that comes with the ride on earth 😊
I won’t say that the difficulties disappear then – but perhaps this can give you a perspective that can help you when the waves are high <3

She opened the door

And he let her in

She turned on the music

And he let her in

Together they found the rytm

it wasn’t a wals for two

It was the secret movement

that only they coul do

He took her hand

She let him in

They sang the song

Of the new begin

They were one. Again.

Just one

What is God?

If you ask us we would say: the most beautiful energy that surrounds us all – in the Universe and the Universe with in all living beings.

It is the force that makes the world go round.

You can hear it in music, see it in art, feel it in all God’s creatures and yes even in plastic things because a human has made it. Yes perhaps it’s a machine that made the plastic, but a human made the machine that made the plastic 🙂

When you think of God we hope that you think of something beautiful . Let it bee a memory, a vision, something you listen too – yes something where you use your senses and experience something wonderful.

But God is also the darkness within us and around us. Because the darkness holds the energy of transformation which is a central part of God as well. How can we grow if we don’t transform.

Let you mind bee still for a moment and listen to your heart. Yes there – right there is God. Not the old man with the beard. No the God within you and the God around you. Yes we are one. One God. God.

The art of inspirational speaking

Inspirational speaking is more than just words from above. It’s a combination of Spirit and mind. A fine line between You and us.

As a inspirational speaker you must be prepared to go beyond your boundaries to learn the true essence of inspirational speaking. You see the mind is so conditioned of the life that you have lived as a human. And we are so much more than that.

So as a inspirational speaker you must be open to the mind of God. It’s not easy but if you keep your daily or at least weekly practice we can come through with our ideas and opinions and sayings so much easier.

So please keep a daily practise to listen to us. Let your mind take a rest, just listen to the words and be inspired.

The words from the Universe sometimes holds a wisdom which is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. But when you keep reading the words we say to you, you properly will get the essence of the meaning.

Yes the meaning is not always hidden in the specific words but in how the words are put together, almost like a puzzle that only can be seen or fully understood when all the pieces come together.

It’s very important with instructions from time to time so please keep this channel open so we can tell you more.

With love from above

(Kanaliseret under en øvelse på Arthur Findlay College, Juni 2019)