The art of inspirational speaking

Inspirational speaking is more than just words from above. It’s a combination of Spirit and mind. A fine line between You and us.

As a inspirational speaker you must be prepared to go beyond your boundaries to learn the true essence of inspirational speaking. You see the mind is so conditioned of the life that you have lived as a human. And we are so much more than that.

So as a inspirational speaker you must be open to the mind of God. It’s not easy but if you keep your daily or at least weekly practice we can come through with our ideas and opinions and sayings so much easier.

So please keep a daily practise to listen to us. Let your mind take a rest, just listen to the words and be inspired.

The words from the Universe sometimes holds a wisdom which is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. But when you keep reading the words we say to you, you properly will get the essence of the meaning.

Yes the meaning is not always hidden in the specific words but in how the words are put together, almost like a puzzle that only can be seen or fully understood when all the pieces come together.

It’s very important with instructions from time to time so please keep this channel open so we can tell you more.

With love from above

(Kanaliseret under en øvelse på Arthur Findlay College, Juni 2019)

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