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Soul Circles

Here we meet soul to soul and develop ourselves and each other in cooperation with the Universe!

The soul circle is a monthly activity, so we can continue our development.

We all contain the key to the Universe. It’s time to find the key and open the connection!  In this circle you are guided to find your own key and thus your own path to your soul and to the Universe. Because we are all different and there is no One Fits All when we work this way.

The circles are open to everyone and you do not have to have experience with spiritual exercises before. We all have a soul and we are already experienced 🙂  Yes, in the Soul Circles it is more about REMEMBERing how we are in contact with our soul and with the Universe than learning new;

🌸 Dates in autumn 2019:
Wednesday, August 7th
Wednesday 4 September
Wednesday, October 2
Wednesday November 6th
Wednesday 4 December

🌸 Always kl. 17:00 – 18:30

🌸 PLACE: The School of the Soul
Østerbrogade 45, 1st floor, Copenhagen Ø

🌸PRICE: Kr. 125
Paid on Mobilepay 47804
Or transferred to account 0400 10700 99921
– or write a message that you pay in cash when you arrive 🙂

Register no later than 2 days before the event If you upload online, type “Soul Circle” in the comment field

Circle Guide: Nynne Bojsen, Spiritual Medium, therapist and Family coach.
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