Men and women – why so difficult?

The relationship between man and woman

Why did god not give us a detailed manual how to live together? Why is it so difficult – or at least become so difficult to live together sometime – man and woman? Why God make us so different? Or are we that different when it comes to the point?

Let’s talk about man and woman. So different and still so a like. Both is humans. Both like – og need to – eat, digest, sleep, feel love, act, be responsible, be kind. Both have a human body – though it looks different on the outside there are more similarities that difference on the inside.

So why can it sometimes be so difficult to live together. Is it because we are here to learn from each other maybe?

Yes.. now you are beginning to see the point. 😊

Here on earth every human is either male or female. There are some species that are both, both most are either male or female.
God has made us this way so we need each other. We need each other to progress, to multiply.

We need to be a part of this learning process to cocreate with each other – otherwise we will die. Nowadays women can get pregnant without a living man – but that’s just a new thing. In the old days every female needed a man and vice versa to create life.

Gods big plan was to force us to cocreate with each other – besides the difficulties of being different we were forced to cocreate and thereby we learned new lessons in our soul journey.

So next time you’re having trouble with your wife or husband: just see it as a necessary learning process – one that comes with the ride on earth 😊
I won’t say that the difficulties disappear then – but perhaps this can give you a perspective that can help you when the waves are high <3

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