What is God?

If you ask us we would say: the most beautiful energy that surrounds us all – in the Universe and the Universe with in all living beings.

It is the force that makes the world go round.

You can hear it in music, see it in art, feel it in all God’s creatures and yes even in plastic things because a human has made it. Yes perhaps it’s a machine that made the plastic, but a human made the machine that made the plastic 🙂

When you think of God we hope that you think of something beautiful . Let it bee a memory, a vision, something you listen too – yes something where you use your senses and experience something wonderful.

But God is also the darkness within us and around us. Because the darkness holds the energy of transformation which is a central part of God as well. How can we grow if we don’t transform.

Let you mind bee still for a moment and listen to your heart. Yes there – right there is God. Not the old man with the beard. No the God within you and the God around you. Yes we are one. One God. God.